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International Congress of the New Approaches and Technologies for Sustainable Development will be held in Isparta on the 21st-24th of September, 2017 with the aim of presenting scientific studies on "Sustainability Theme" of academicians studying in different disciplines and creating a new perspective on future studies and applications.

Sustainability is a futuristic strategy which aims to sustain and keep alive the activities, which we carry out today and the cultural values we have, in the same way by future generations with the thought that lies in the spirit of the African proverb "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

In Today's world where the natural resources are rapidly consumed, regional and global environmental problems get to a point that threatens the future of humanity, cultural values melt in the globalization pot, sustainable strategies need to be considered in a holistic approach. In line with this strategy, the concept of sustainability will be evaluated in three theme related to each other within the scope of the congress. We invite all of our stakeholders involved in sustainability with the request of sharing with us their studies contributing to the following three themes and contributing to a more livable future.
Congress Organizing Committee

Main Themes of the Congress and the Subfields

    Renewable Energy Sources
    Eco-friendly Technologies
    Agriculture and Livestock
    Other Ecological Sustainability Related Studies

    Environmental Economics
    Sustainable Tourism
    Other Economic Sustainability Related Studies

    Sustainable Culture Politics
    Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage
    Innovative Restoration Practices
    Other Cultural Sustainability Related Studies


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